A bless Palm Sunday

Even in times of Pandemic and hard Quarantines, our faith should be strengthened and not give up. Remembering these historical passages of our Redeemer Jesus Christ on Earth most be encourages our soul and spirit, reminding us of his deeply and lovely message of peace and love. ✨🙏✨

What is Palm Sunday?

Palm Sunday marks the moment when the son of God entered the holy city on the back of a donkey.
Believers use the day to remember Jesus’ entry into the city before he was betrayed, killed and resurrected.
The Christian feast celebrates Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem.

When is Palm Sunday in 2021?
This year the Christian feast falls today, Sunday March 28, 2021.
The date changes year to year.
But it always falls exactly seven days before Easter Sunday.

Why is Palm Sunday celebrated?
The Christian feast celebrates Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jerusalem.
Palm branches are widely recognised as a symbol of peace and victory and were thrown before the feet of conquering heroes in biblical times.
Gospel writers say crowds lay palm branches and clothes at his feet to honour Jesus as he arrived in Jerusalem.
It was predicted in the Old Testament that people would recognise the Messiah when he rode into the city and lay palms at his feet.
All the Gospels detail how Jesus rode into the Holy City on a donkey that had never been ridden before showing he came in peace.

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