The crude reality

La cruel realidad 🙏☘

In many of our Latin countries cruel realities are hidden that remain in a deeply silence without obtaining their justice or simply imposed to be accepted as something normal and without claims.

There are many real cases of child abuse that many do not want to talk to out of shame or because they do not want to get in trouble with these people who in many cases are violent / criminals and traffickers. Many know what is hidden in the neighbor’s door and are silent before the cries for help that they can feel behind their walls. They are afraid to report (because many times even the police are involved in this silence), they do not report because they feel threatened and they know well that these people are capable of anything to silence.

Each new government appears but its laws are not effective or fair, being in the end that these criminals are free and whoever was abused or murdered will not obtain their honest justice.

In many cases, a raped infant is no longer honorable and if she becomes pregnant, no one in her family will help her, leaving her helpless not only from the law but from society. Many times he must survive and puts his children to work or sells them. They are crude realities that these children did not ask to be born in these conditions, but neither did that young girl ask to be raped and become pregnant.

In other cases, children are abducted by human trafficking gangs and sold as sex objects, meat, organs, or labour slaves. Many disappear and nobody says anything, but this trafficker mafia pays very well for the silence and abandonment of all those children.

Some others grow up and join criminal gangs or groups of prostitutes, that is, those infants who were born from rape do not always end well if the mother is also abandoned.

What do they do for all these children? What has been reached today?

Everything remains the same and worse, sometimes I think that many people do not care much about the future of these children or in which hands their lives are going to end.
A cruel reality that as a Society we should change.

Whoever has sexual fun with children, who agrees to traffic a child, who pays for a child, who uses children as bait, who makes slaves of children, who mocks the innocence of a child and more perversions of the soul, does not deserve respect or forgiveness of being free by society or by his own family, this is not modernity, it is simply aberration and the sin belongs to those who silence this knowing who they are without reporting it.

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