I am again!

Aqui estoy nuevamente!

If anyone laughs that this Pandemic producing stress / depression / mental problems, just I want to say that it is not to laugh at a reality that exists in Countries where the National Quarantines (lockdown) are rigid and where your Freedom no longer exists more.

Were used to your rhythm of walking on the beach, hills, fields, city, meetings with your friends and family, your active life and work, your dreams and desires, your goals … but with this Virus appeared and put everything on great long pause.

Many Countries are in long Quarantine since March 2020 and it continues, it is not easy to look at other countries that are Free to walk, visit and almost follow their rhythm of life. When many of us are still caged in our own homes.

Some will say “that you complain so much, we are surviving!“, Perhaps he is right we are surviving but paying with our mental health, because the confinement is not that it helps many to overcome things but to lower their spirits and energy, now it is no longer more a complaint but a cry of spiritual pain.

A few weeks we are ok, the next week we are in emotional decline, and the following week we must work with ourselves to lift our spirits and put optimism in our minds, in the end, days or weeks were lost fixing our not perfect human interior.

Thus, Weeks have passed away from here, and I am again ready to start my ideas, I do not say goals because now we live for the day and not for tomorrow.

As I had previously commented to you “I decided to keep the Christmas spirit throughout 2021, calling myself now Amadriadi Santa’s Workshop“, I was fixing my work angle, arranging the LED lamps and the necessary materials, putting the materials that I will not use in On the other hand, because I will start again with easy to do recycled DIY ideas, reading my Audio Books, my Illustrations and my Quick Recipes, I will also add a space to the Diary and Tips where I will share with you something about my day and suggestions that perhaps can help you with something.

The idea and goal is “to make them not fall into depression or anxiety with this pandemic just be happy in harmony“, I hope to achieve it x

I want to remind you, my Website has “translate” into your language, thanks for being here x
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