Happy International Women’s Day

Feliz Dia Internacional de la Mujer 🌷✨❤

In recent times, great mental confusion and brainwashing have been created where the great desire to eliminate the “natural feminine” gender and imposing gender as superiority, today they have only created many confusion.

Being born a WOMAN is a gift from the perfect Universe, being a mother and creating children is the best blessing of every Woman, but some are destined to adopt angels in this earthly life.

Her natural skills, her tireless energy, her patience, great love and that natural intuition that helps to look beyond all things, is what makes us feel blessed Women on this Earth.

Many of us are not born perfect, but we carry beauty in our soul and heart, some are born imperfect in their feelings and desires, some were born to be leaders or simply good Mothers and Wives.

Today in your day WOMAN it is time to feel happy to be born female and to die being one.

I want to remind you, my Website has “translate” into your language, thanks for being here x
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