Pandemic is more for the Rich

At this crucial moment that has been pulled since 2020, every second is more hard reality for us 😷🙏

The other day I was reading its central page of a globalist media where it seemed more like a mockery than a concern and said “this pandemic has made the rich richer and the poor poorer” (?)
I began to reflect on that evil title, forgetting about the people who had to close their businesses due to quarantines or government imposition, many have lost their jobs because now everything will be online while the pandemic lasts, pharmaceutical manufacturers are filling up more their rich pockets and doctors or scientists who want to find a cure at cost price are not allowed and are “blocked” leaving only a single path of survival.

And of course the rich are richer, because the circle is closed only for them 😳

Today many have stopped believing in this theatre of the pandemic due to the behaviour of many rich and powerful people, today the human world is awake and observes well each movement of all them, no more can hide feelings where it does not exist and is just the desire to be more powerful in his evil ego …

Then the middle class that is disappearing, and will be reflect and support its small merchants, the small shop in neighbourhood, the street Sellier and the humble one who works from home, will be listen news from independent and non-globalist channels, will be buy newspapers from independent and non-globalists, will be not buy in those big globalist shopping centres, and etc etc.
Because it is time to support us, human with human, because these globalists laugh in our faces without any respect that many of them are rich and powerful because for the support of the humble people, if of that people who have little respect for them and even in these hard moments mock in our face … the world has already awakened.

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