Domestic Violence in Quarantine

Not only the virus can kill us but also the violence of being locked in with the enemy šŸ˜·šŸ™

Many countries like the one I live now, are in long Lockdown since past October 2020 and it will continue in more confinements.
Other countries have started their confinements again, but behind in some Homes it is not enormous happiness to be locked up with the enemy.
Many women, men and children suffer from domestic abuse that is relieved by going to school, going to work or spending little time in contact with the enemy at home.
Many countries suffer from these events where women are abused / beaten / raped and murdered within their own home.
The same happens with Men who are psychologically besieged / beaten / abused in silence within their own home.
And the Children, who in silence and despair suffer the cries of their parents, the fights and violence of their parents, without being able to stop this and will only feel themselves falling into a deep hole of despair and depression.

We have the burden of the Virus and all that it produces socially that we cannot accept having hell in our Homes.
It is a lot of thought and responsibility of parents to control the liquor inside the home, drug use, arguments that become violent, psychological aggressions and intimidation inside the home. All these pathological and psychological symptoms decipher an individual unfit to live in a family home and even more in the society.
If you have psychological problems please keep in contact with your Dr and take painkillers. If you feel violent or want to quit, please do not do it with your own family or pet. It is preferable to go to sleep and rest your brain, keep your mind busy, avoid violent discussions.
Neither should accept being intimidated within our Homes where it is our only little piece of Heaven ā¤

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