There are just 2 ways to choose

Today our Life just have 2 paths, the responsibility is yours which to follow 🙏☘

When we go to buy something, we always stop to reflect first about how much money we have, what we want to buy and then we reflect again if we needed that purchase, then we look at the object again, so as not to regret having bought it or wasted our money …

Well, previously there were more than 2 paths to choose from in our lives or, they were apparently many and in the end there were always just 2 paths, we are talking about “light and dark“.

Since the beginning of our History and Humanity, we always had to choose between these 2 paths. Today, after so many centuries past and with so many proofs of what “darkness” is, I think that going wrong is not a simple fact or mistake, but just a personal decision.

We leave religion behind, and it is simply known that the path you choose (you know well what each path is) and there is none that pulls you without your consent, you simply know well where your body and soul will end.

Our Human World has already awakened, we are feeling and seeing things never said or seen before, we are feeling our energy frequency stronger, we are feeling the heavenly whisper and we are in harmony to continue our way towards light.

But, not all will follow and not all will proclaim it like that, because many of us will stay in the middle of their path and choose the “darkness“. Today we are seeing it and we cannot do anything, because we were born with this “free will” to choose which way to go.

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