Our World

This 2020 we have learned to love and respect him much more 🙏☘

With a Pandemic created in 2020, lockdown, restrictions, depression, fear and deaths of many, this is how 2020 began and ended … but, it left us a good lesson in life “learning to survive”

But not only is the fight against this Pandemic but also the misinformation or almost nothing real from the globalist media, which seems more like their desire to encourage chaos, despair and hatred in Us.

And it is so, that today our “spiritual balance” is in a great struggle and many lose their own balance to causing enormous chaos, deaths and shedding innocent blood in our World.

and in this moment of chaos and confusion, many come out “promoting themselves as saviours or those who tell the truth“, just to draw more captive followers, more souls into their darkness mind, making armies of souls with a thirst for destruction, confirming the lie as the only truth and imposing his ill mentality …

The pain of many children who die forcibly before birth (to traffic their organs and blood), children sex slaves and flesh, so many that they cannot scream and many are still in the hands of these perverts, many others have remained silent and others been liberated from this huge traffic that has been done for so long in silence …

Today, our World fight of “good and evil“, it feels and we know it. It is time to unite in spiritual energy and raise our highest degree of harmony, to be light in our beautiful World, so that justice, truth and light win at the end of everything.

I want to remind you, my Website has “translate” into your language, thanks for being here x
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