Spring Owls

Lovely ideas 🌸

After the closure of Winter, Spring makes us open our windows, balcony or terrace and enjoy the fresh air scented with nature!

What better idea to decorate and brighten up!
These Owls are made of scraps of fabric, jute and decorated with lace / fretwork / buttons, here the pieces are cooked but you can cook it by hand or stick it with hot silicone.

Also, you can paint the fabric or jute the face of the Owl.

It will be filled with cotton and as a base you will use a real branch, you can hang other ornaments made with the same material and colour from this branch.

If you have pieces of jute you can make these cushions!
They will cheer up the armchairs on your terrace or near your window, you can give joy to their wings with printed fabric, their beak and eyes will be made of red felt.

Internet images.



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