Existed and continue to exist even in our Cyber Century πŸ™„

After seeing scenes of violence in the USA and UK when demolishing statues by Blm group and their followers shout “equality and not racism” (?) Their ecstatic smiles, their anger come true and their revenge carried out, that is, they felt as if they fought Slavery and it will never be written in History that the Black Race was initially trafficked as slaves, and it was not in the USA or UK where this began, because the Mesopotamian Empire started Egypt, who entered Africa and trafficked to the tribes to take them to build / domestic / sexual and agriculture. The connection that existed with the Roman Empire and the Spanish Conqueror, this black slave traffic also became in these Empires.

But, they were not only black slaves in that ancient time, they were also make slave the same poor people who sold them among themselves.

When we observe the beginning of Civilisations, slavery always was existed (for its wars, building, sex, domestic & farming), many things were built by slaves from the beginning of the History in America, Europe, Africa and Asia, were the Roman Empire, Spain conqueror, Egypt Mesopotamia Empire, Arab Empire and Asian Empire, the first civilisations in this part of the World and in America were the Incas, Mayas, American Indians, Eskimos, and in the other side of the world the Indigenous Australia, all them used Slaves (from own people) to build their tribes/ social groups that would later be societies / monuments, bridges, houses, church temple/ agricultural land, fishing boats/ water mills/ tools and weapons, etc. It was the one that new societies were created quickly and thus new empires were created, diminishing the strength of the Roman, Spain Conquer and Egyptian empire, (Arabian and Asian empire always was apart of them), but all this History leaving the Papyri, Buildings historic and many things what our ancestry leave us for remember them and their own people as a sample of their past history, what now people of present and future can learn about the good and the bad of our History, but can’t erase the historic real past.

Honestly, I don’t understand why Blm wants to destroy & erase History and Culture that serves the present and future, to better understand the Historical past (this is a crime against the Cultural and Historical Heritage of these countries USA and UK), but what I don’t understand is “that hatred of revenge in feeling inferior black race, undervalued and in minority” (?) When in these 2 countries the black race is majority as Journalists / Artists / Tv shows / Tv series / Movies / Musicians / Politicians / Police / Military / Theater / Ballet / in addition to receiving Government Bonds & Aids that help them financially and free study/ college to their children, but the Hispanic, the Indian and other races that are in very less quantity, we are not privileged as they, but not don’t feel hate to anyone.

But, black slavery did not start in USA or UK as Blm says, think or believe, sorry! Black slavery and his traffic began with the Mesopotamian Empire Egypt, then black slaves were trafficked to the Roman Empire and then by the Conquering Spain (that brought them to America were initially trafficked by Spanish Conquerors as to other European Countries), everything was the beginning as History says, that is why no fragment should be erased because this is the only thing that will remain as a testimony to reality and unmasks the lie what Blm or others people talk about it. They cannot call “racist or inequality of majority black race” in the USA or UK, because that is not true, they are majority in many platforms and more than the white race (but their greed to obtain everything and be the only ones in everything, this never it will be, because the World and Society need “balance and equanimity in everything“, this is the logic and reality.

The Countries that were Empires in the past Egypt / Italy / Spain, where black slavery began, there is no majority the black race on its various platforms (artists / journalists / films / politicians / police / tv shows / tv series / They do not receive the highest priority of the government, but their own race of these countries being the dominant one in their society and platforms, but none call them racist or insulting for their own attitude of caring their own race, that’s hatred and destruction just for USA. and UK by Blm and his followers, is not logical or justice, here something is so wrong and smells rotten …

Remember, was not only Africans used as slaves, they also used people from their own country from these ancient empires, and this is part of our Story, is not the invention of any, was truth.

Black slaves and their own people in the time of the Roman Empire πŸ‘‡

Black slaves time traffic Conquering Spain πŸ‘‡

Black slaves in time Empire Egypt πŸ‘‡

Slaves in time Empire Asian πŸ‘‡

Slaves in American Indian time πŸ‘‡

Today, our Modernity even if we are in the cyber century, there exist “slavery” but in a different way and with another name “children and young people are recruited or bought from traffickers for guerrilla and terrorism armies“, “brainwash many followers of cults and organisations, that is to say, they are used as slaves for their ideological goals “,” the sale is trafficked and girls and women are stolen for sex slaves or organs“,”people are trafficked to be used in mining and agriculture with low salary and precarious life “,”many jobs are not honourable and with poor salary you must work more than 12 hours in silence because perhaps you do not have a visa or you must survive hunger“,”some modern construction companies are slavers, pay very little and they make their employees work very hard building on the streets“,”many companies make long shifts work without holidays and without Sundays with little salary“,”many companies leave the enormous responsibility of work to employee and his boss have all the freedom time“,”many prostitutes work to be trafficked without being able to change their lives“,”many children work in mining and search for gold in jungle areas with low wages and slave hours“, and much exists today, as it existed yesterday and as it will exist tomorrow.
Because, from that human sacrifice, many things are built and left for the future history.

No robots have yet been created to work in companies, mines, agriculture, fishing, buildings and maybe will the future slaves of our World.”

For this reason, people with logic today do not understand this stupid show of destroying statues, monuments, movies, drawings or buildings, that were made to remain as a testimony of our History and Culture.

“Read, find out, think logically, violence does not solve anything, remember ignorance is the best tool to be slave of any”

Do the Communists / socialists / liberals and other followers of this Leninist Marxist mentality or Liberal mind and more, want to demonstrate to the World (yesterday, today and tomorrow), the bad story told and changing history to his advantage (as some religions have changed part of the Bible for the benefit of their Churches and Cults), but push this irrational violence and nothing logical to Blm destroy monuments, history. movies, names, drawings, etc (and just in USA and UK), think with this action that history of slavery is over? When they leaders live as an Imperialist (as they call it), means them live too in luxurious lives, house, owner of many own companies (where sure they make more modern slaves workers), his children go in luxurious School/ University/ College then are owners of own companies (which many slave workers), they travel in private jets and lot of money in the bank, nice cars, nice trips, nice boats, summer and winter houses, etc , there is no difference life with an Imperialist life (as testimony shown how many communist socialist liberals people/ leaders/ governments from yesterday, today and tomorrow still in nice live), but his follower slave, still in the middle class, not much money or success. Today communist socialist liberals democrats are still alive as a policy or in govern or organisations (not because they produce something good for the humanity), but rather they live on this poor humanity which is a slave followers to their mentality and ideals, just fact

Many centuries have passed and no one managed to stop slavery or social equality , because it suits of them, always said “they fight for the poor, for the black, for the less“, but always everything is a great game to waste time of many and upset people to do chaos in the society (when the leaders is sit in their mansions to watch on tv the riots!), , because this will not stop, sound sad bit “slave” is part of the building and progress from many countries and societies in past, present and future. Workers with low salary and long hours of work, are slaves to the company.
Builders who work hours building, mining, building bridges, etc. on low salary, are slaves to the company.
Farmers and fishermen with low salary and long hours of work are slaves.
Trafficked prostitutes, are slaves in their work.
Children and women who are domestic in mansions and receive low salary, are slaves.
Work for mafias because you do not have documents or visa, are a slave.
And much more than our Society keeps it secret and silent, but is reality that will not change!

But one thing you can do to change your reality!
Stay optimistic / in harmony with yourself / happy with your blessings / at peace with the colour of your skin and your past history / do not seek revenge for what you can not change / do not hate just to satiate revenge of others / fight for your ideals and goals / live in union with your family & friends / enjoy your only life and most importantly “be boss of yourself“, no waste time!

If you have skills, you can do your own business and be independent, that is, not end up being a modern slave, just be yourself and be happy ❀☘ blessings!

“The best testimony of Humanity is our History, is the best testimony for present and future societies”

amadriadi Β© Copyright Protect My Work Limited

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