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The difference skin colour is seen by the eyes, but not the soul” ✨🙌✨

From very remote times, before being Civilisation, racism & colonisation existed, in Europe the Roman Empire conquered almost all of Europe, wanting to conquer England (at that time it was not yet civilisation), after struggles to keep their lands free they made pacts and new civilisations / religions / covenants and groups were born among themselves, but the blood was always shed as injustices / racism / supremacy and power, oh yeah our history is full of all this and until today.
But, not did Europe exist, there were also other continents with primitive civilisations but who had come to study astrology / medicine / fishing / agriculture / buildings / mathematics / art and music. They lived on their free lands until the colonisers arrived and destroyed much of this primitive culture leaving little for the future. We are talking about American Indians / Mayans / Incas and other primitive cities in America. These are joined by the other “races in the world” such as Eskimos / Arabs / Asians / Mongolia / Australians / Egyptians / India / Africa / Polynesian Indians / and many more!

In bit words, not only does the “white or black race in the world“, as today it’s demonstrated history with real events have changed at their convenience for someone, in favour of certain political and social groups, demonstrating to all of these that was the real history now is created by themselves (many real events have changed), also many religions have done it, changing the first Papyri Bible in their favour, (being born prophets / popes / envoys of the god and other characters created by man). Many ancient sages said “ignorance is the best weapon of power for some.”
The first civilisation were not from Africa, but the constant trips of characters in history discovered these African tribes and took them to their countries as “slaves“, that is, they bought them from the tribes (who sold their compatriots), these slaves were brought for cultivation / to work in houses or farms / etc. Likewise, the Asiatics were also used as “slaves” for the cultivation of cotton and rice.
The primitive cities of America were colonise and the indigenous people were used as “servants of their coloniser“, but everything had its moment and time, to which they rebelled to obtain again their lands where they were born and owned from the beginning. Thus it happened in other cities and continents, coming to resume its independence and return to its origins. This was with blood and much sacrifice, but many of us do not pull chains of hatred nor do we want revenge towards our coloniser or we want to change history in our favour, that is, we look at our history proud of it, we look at our present in harmony and we always long for a future of peace.

I do not understand why today some think and believe that there is “only 2 races black and white in the world” (?) This is illogical and disrespectful to the other races.
We all know the history of African slaves at the beginning, as other races were, but with the passage of time liberation was achieved and they were introduced to society.
Today the black race has many privileges in the countries where they are recognised and offer them benefits / a place to live / free study / scholarships and bonuses plus they are involved in the politics of the country (which is not Africa), they are involved in groups / projects / leaders / journalists / industries / agencies / artists / musicians and more, when I say “privileges” means a blessing to which they are not grateful to have it or don’t know being blessed, because they do not suffer hunger as in Africa or in other countries where even our towns peoples lives oppressed / poor and unequal, our towns people do not wear brand clothes or good sports cars, they do not have good houses nor do they travel nor do they have visas to travel to other countries easily, there are no charity organisations that help our towns people as much as make for the black race.
But in anyway, we are not racist or jealous for this blessing, but this antisocial behaviour of “calling racists those who disagree with them or no doing what they want” is illogical!
Movies black people are more quantity than other races, they are more quantity on TV programs than other races, they have more privilege economic and social benefits than other races, they are accepted in first world countries with very good personal benefits but the other races do not have this privilege.
The black race is blessed and all this is not enough, because they want more and more, until they destroy the white race what hate so much and continue to diminish the other races of the World. This imposition of ideas only burns fire in their souls and does not help the union in Us.
And I wonder “who is racist?

Today, there is a huge social problem where the black race has joined lgbt, communists, liberals, democrats, anarchists and more people who hate something or someone, now the problem is not racism, just want to get their revenge with hatred and that just dividing the world in 2, which would cause worse to understand Us and unite all as a race of the world.

We, the other races, do not seek revenge about our history, we do not carry hatred in our soul, we know our truth, we not believe in fake history made for someone, we not accept someone put evil in our souls, but we see our reality today and we simply we want to live this unique life in peace and harmony, we feel blessed to who we are and the history of our roots. We do not want to change our own history or the history of the country that welcomes Us now, instead we carry our roots with love and respect for our past and the new land that allows Us now to live in peace.

Accepting your own blessings is not being inferior, having a lack personality is the own worst enemy and easy for someone else manipulate.

Be happy with your roots, be happy with the colour of your skin and race, be happy today with your blessings and respect the country where you live and respect Us the other races that are also part of the World, that is, the white race and Black are not the only ones in this world full of problems and blessings, but this is the real World.


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