Funny Decor

Decor your home is a funny time ✨🌷✨

You can use hard shelled fruits such as pumpkin, coconut, oranges, etc.
Inside you will put a melted candle with its special string to light it!
You will let it dry so that it takes the body of the base and in addition to decorative your candles will be aromatic ❤

Decorate your custom mugs!
You can do it with designs or in marble, combine acrylic colours on a plate (minimum 3 colours) and with a sponge give the colour where you want to marble it. If you want a 3D touch, I recommend using a bit of gesso when tamping it!

For your vegetable garden!
For your pots and differentiate your vegetables, you can use wooden ladles and the acrylic paint the planted vegetable, I recommend using varnishes or PVA when finished ❤



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