Decor Stones

Creative art with the Stones ✨😊✨

Can decorate your garden, the pots, your fairy garden or as magical paper steps!

What do you need?
River stones, beach or small rocks. Acrylic colours, black marker, white marker, varnish or PVA.

You must first wash them well and dry them, before painting.

For first needed painting a “base” colour with bit PVA, left dry well.
You should choose what design you are going to create (here I give you many examples!), I recommend you paint a clear base if you are going to draw on it, let it dry between each colour, at the end outline it with the black marker and the white marker is to give light to the areas you want.
To finish I recommend passing a varnish or PVA if they are going to be in your terrace or garden, but if you are going to decorate the interior of your house it is not necessary.
I recommend you have fun with your Family!



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