Easy Decor

Easy and with recycled materials, you can do it with your Family ✨🌸✨

Cheerful bee sticks, made of coloured cardboard, use an marker to do the eye, the wings are circles of baking paper, if you want you can vary the black stripes with a printed card or foamy strips!

These cheerful little birds are also made of coloured and patterned cardboard, but their legs are 2 dry twigs (you can vary it with a rope cord.
If you don’t have printed cardboard you can use pieces of cloth!

We continue to use the coloured cardboard and we can make flowers of various colours to make this decoration, you can use ice cream sticks for the Basket or a Cardboard Plate for your picture!

If you want to give it a happy and moving touch, you can cut a line with the cutter in your box and insert the 3D object (in this case they are butterflies, cardboard wings and a pompom body), your children will have fun!

This 3D box its pot, its flowers and its stems are two-colour paper tubes!

Decorate a box with unicorn style!

Ideas to make a bouquet of roses painted!



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