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Rice and Tuna

Are you have left Rice and Vegetables? 🥣✨

Here a easy recipe to you x

In a saucepan, first put a little oil / salt / pepper/ chilli and tomato paste, stir everything well in a semi-covered pot, for a few minutes over high heat.

Prepare your left, like rice / mushrooms / vegetables and 1 can of tuna

Add the mushrooms and stir well with the tomato paste in the pot, then add the rice, stir all well.

We add hot water just the right amount of your rice (I use 1 cup, must add 2 cups of water).

Stir all well and left cooking for 5 minutes.

Then, add the vegetables.

Add chopped parsley,cook the rice over medium heat.

When your rice takes point, lower the heat until is done.

Then add the Tuna with your heat off.

Add more chopped parsley and stir well with care for the Tuna, served warm x

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Potatoes and Bacon Roasted

Did you have leftover Bacon and onions from the Weekend? 🥣✨

Here a easy Recipe to you x

First, chop the potatoes, onion, and bacon (not small pieces), pour a little oil (remember that the bacon is fatty), salt / black pepper / Mixed herbs.

I added leftover tomatoes and then I removed everything with the spoon and take it to the oven 175 C for 20 minutes until it is crispy!

These potatoes can save you from hunger, you can only add 1 fried egg, a piece of meat or chicken grilled, etc.

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