Walnut bread


Pre heat to oven 280* C
400gr white strong bread flour
100gr drk rye flour
1 1/2 tsp dried yeast
2 tsp salt
320 ml tepid water
200gr walnuts crushed

Mix the flours together, then add the yeast and salt.
Add a little of the water and mix the water and mix the ingredients.
Gradually add more water until to the mixtures becomes a dough for 5-6 minutes.
Place it in a lightly oiled bowl, cover with it doubles in size.
Turn the rested dough out onto a dean, floured surface again and divide it into a 2 equal amounts.
knead each half of the dough into a tigh ball.
Shape each ball into a ring with a hole the size of a fist.
Place on a lightly floured baking sheet and cover with a damp tea towel until then double in size.
Then bake for 20-25′

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