Pleated trim


Fabric for main cushion 2 (43cm squares)
contrast fabric for trim 4 (115cm)
thread to match main fabric

Cut out 2 pieces 43cm squares of fabric
this will make a 40cm squares cushion
using a 15cm seam allowance on each edge
trim four 9cms strips from the full width of the contrasting fabric
join the strips together across the short ends making around
press the seam allowances open and the press the strip in half length ways sandwiching the raw edges of the seam inside the fold
set your sewing machine to its largest stitch and then make two rows of stitching along the raw edge approximately 5mm away from each other
stitch each section separately leaving long tails of thread at each end Cather up by pilling the loose threads to create an even frill until each sections is 40cm long
with right sides facing pin the frill in place on one of the 43cm square and stitch down (15mm seam allowance)
pin and stitch the second square of fabric right side down onto the first piece
stitch from the frilled side using the stitching line as a guide
leave a gap in the base of the cushion to insert the zip
stitch the concealed zip into the opening using a zipper foot
with a fabric right side facing though the opening (the cover should not be turned through at this point)
place the opened zip face down
position the slider approximately 3cm away from the end of the stitching back into the cover and pin in place
you will need to uncurl the teeth with your fingertips as you stitch along the opening
back stitch then stitch the other side of the zip in place
carefully thread the zip slider through to the right side but and press, making sure the corners are pushed well into the corners


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