Paper bows


With a double sided paper that has a plain colour on one side and pattern on the other similar pinwheels are really easy to make and always look impressive when was created with different patterned paper the roses brads, pompoms, die cuts, etc make lovely decor
try to imitated a lovely bow with patterned card to imitated a fabric bowl!

To create loops:
use card colour orange, green, brown, or other colours
trim strips at a length of 30cm and trim the other 20cm and the other 10cm
stick the ends of each strip together to create 3 loops, use a 6cm piece of double sided
tape to stick opposite sides of the largest loop together so that it now has 2 smaller loops, one at each end
repeat this with 4cm piece of tape for the middle loop and 2cm piece of tape for the smallest stick the loops on top of each other across your card decor.

To create bubbles:
to cut the larger layer of the bow from patterned paper
place the bowl at the centre of one of card stick paper so that will match up when the bow is curled
gently roll each of the sections of each layer around a pencil to form a tube shape
stick the tubes together with strong doubled sided tape
draw a 9cm circle onto yellow card stock and trim using scallop edged scissors
fix this to the top left hand corner of the panel of bubbles

To create pinwheel:
Trim a 1cm wide turquoise (or choose other colour)
strip from patterned and cut 2 further strips of green patterned paper
one with a width 1,5cm and the other 2cm wide
all three should be 30cm long
use the concertina fold the largest strip with the folds approximately 0,5cm apart use double sided tape to stick the two ends together to form a loop
compress the concertina together
with the insides edges touching to create the pinwheel shape
hold this in position on a flat surface and place a piece of strong doubled sided tape over the centre of the pinwheel
converting all of the folded edges and holding them in place
turn the pinwheel over and add a second piece of tape over the centre of other side repeat for the other 2 strips of paper

For create die-cut-bow shape:
from the vellum trim 6 of 8cm x 1 cm strips and 6 of 7cm x 1cm strips
bend each strip around
striking the ends together with one on top of the other and bring the ends of the strips around together rather than folding it over
stick the ends of the longer pieces together to form a bow shape and stick the shorter pieces on top in the same way
attach a sticker to the centre of the bow shape
then cover with glitter glue

To create roses-die -cut:
trim 3 of 2cm x 50cm strips of handmade paper
place one of the strip on a flat surface and fold it over at a right angle
continue folding the strip of paper at right angles,
continue folding the strip of paper at right angle to form a square shape (take care to avoid creasing the folds)
fold the end of the strip to form a point and thread it through the centre of the folded square holding the layers together (carefully twist) the pointed end to create the layered effect of the rose)
use strong glue to stick the paper ends together behind the rose and once dry trim the ends as closely possible to form a flat surface, repeat for the 2 strips, stick the roses to the card and dab glitter glue along the petals


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