Embossed clay


Clay (rose) work until is soft then roll into a flat sheet (5mm) thick
press the texture mat into the clay lifting it away to leave and impression
uncouple one of the bezels from the bracelet, press gently onto the patterned day and carefully cut around the shape with a craft knife to make a bead
create another 4 in this way (for your bracelet and 1 more for your pendant)
then re-attach the bezels to the bracelet
place the clay beads into the bezels and smooth the sides down
put the clay beads and bezels, once set rub a little of the violet paint over then buff with ink
use a wax furniture polish then buff with a soft cotton cloth
mix up a 2 part epoxy adhesive add a little to the back of each bead and stick into the bezels
leave for 2 hours dry
make 5 beads from the balls rose and raspberry clay, makes holes in the bead (using a needle) and bake for 15” at 110*C once cool
thread the beans onto head pins, trim the ends and turn into neat loops
thread the crystals onto head pins, trim the ends to size and turno in neat loops
attach the beads to the jump rings that connect the bezels together
now for the pendant thread the pendant onto cotton cord
apply a little glue to one necklet end
place the cord inside it then crimp the edges over the cord to hold it in place
complete the other end of the pendant in the same way to finish
(you can make earrings too!)
and finish as before, glue the beads into the bezel add polymer clay beads and crystal to finish


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