Decoupage and Layering


card stock cream, red, grey
ultimate decoupage
die-cut pack 3D
foam pads
red chalk ink pad
ribbon red
pen marker black and gold

Trim a piece of cream card stock (30cm x 15cm) and crease fold to create a square card blank, edge with a red ink pad
trim a piece of red card stock to measure slightly smaller than the beige card and fix it into place with double sided tape
cut a piece of patterned paper to fit across the front of the card at an angles
ink the edges and attach
trim the bottom-right corner so that it sits flush with the lover edge of the card
trim one of the decorative border strips from the pack to fit across the card and use the card stock
fix pieces of ribbon horizontally and vertically across the card front
remove the base layer from the decoupage sheet and use a nail file to smooth away any tabs
ink the edges and fix to the card front, using double sided tape
remove the remaining layers in numbers order and use a nail file to remove any tabs
build up the decoupage layers with 3D foam pads to attach each element
layer 2 tags and fix to the right hand corner of your cardboard the letters colour gold


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