Victorian pot


Acrylic paint
synthetic sponge
sattin varnish

Mix a base coat colour of yellow oxide,
turner yellow and titanium white acrylic to create a pale yellow (mustard) colour,
reduce it with little water for ease of application,
paint the whole piece inside and out,
leave to dry and apply a second coat,
mix a couple of handfuls of blend OD sand and base coat,
stipple over the surface with a synthetic sponge to remove brush marks,
sprinkle sand randomly over the pot to create even more texture,
gentle press the sand on the surface with the sponge,
leave to dry, dilute titanium white acrylic paint with water until it’s the consistency of milk,
dip a slightly damp natural marine sponge into,
this white wash the pat it on to a cloth to get rid of excess paint,
sponge on to the pot to create a patchy effect, leave to dry,
mix up a raw sienna, wash and apply randomly over the surface using a natural marine sponge,
apply a less diluted titanium white wash to the pot,
again using the natural marine sponge,
to stimulate lichen first mix a wash of chromium oxide grew,
use marine sponge to apply patches of over the textured sand,
mix quite a strong wash of yellow oxide and turners yellow,
dip a toothbrush into the wash and experiment cloth,
use the toothbrush to spatter the surface of the pot with yellow,
try to work over the green areas of colour only,
when the pieces is dry apply a matt acrylic varnish to all surfaces.


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