Sweet hanging decorations


To make 20 decorations, you needed
50mg brown sugar
50gr butter
1 small egg
130gr plain flour
1 teaspoon mixed spice
Big cookie cutter (star, angel, etc)
drinking straw
small cookie cutter (circle, square, etc)

Heat the oven 180* C
Turn on the oven.
Put the butter and sugar into a bowl.
Use a wooden spoon to mix them together.
Break the egg into a separate bowl, beat it with a fork until the white and the folk are mixed together well.
Mix half of the beaten egg into the mixture, a little at a time, sift the flour and mixed the spice through a sieve.
Mix everything together with a spoon.
Squeeze the mixture really well with your hands to make a firm dough.
Then make it into a large ball, sprinkle a clean work surface with flour.
Put the dough onto it, then roll out until is 5mm.
Using the star cookie cutter and press out lots and put on the baking sheet, make a hole (with the pencil or wood stick), use a small round cookie cutter and cut out in the middle of each star (or design what you choose).
Bake the star x 5′ , drop a sweet candy in the middle of each shape.
Bake the stars for 5′ more and leave cooled.
Append in your Christmas tree or garland!

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