Shirt necklace


Aleene’s Super Fabric Glue

Findings : Used large double rings and a silver tassel charm

Cut off the bottom hem of the t-shirt. Cut five 1? wide strips of t-shirt, cutting straight across.This will give you 5 loops of material.
Stretch each loop until it curls up. Add as many rings and charms as you like to each loop. Slide the rings closer to one side than the other. In my case, the t-shirt had
side seams. Glue all the seams on one side. Repeat on the other side then glue both stacks together.
Cut one more strip of t-shirt, cut the loop open. Wrap the new strip around the seams to cover them. If your shirt has no seams, just double the loops and wrap the strip
around it. Glue the beginning and end of this strip. Pull all the strands to line up the charms. This is how the necklace is meant to be worn, but play with it and see what you
like best.


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