Scented holly and ivy wreath


1 wire coat hanger
damp sphagnum moss
reel of roses or floral wire
stub wire of floral pins
holly & ivy branches (8 should be about 38cm)
2 circles of red printed fabric (23,5 cm) diameter
8 holly-leaf shapes cut from plain green fabric
8 pieces of red bias binding (7,5 cm long)
8 red ribbon (15 cm of 1,8 cm)
christmas spicery

To do:
bend the coat hanger into a circle, keeping the hook in shape
bind bundles of damp sphagnum moss around the coat hanger, securing them with the rose of floral wire,
until you have a circle of moss about 7,5cm,
take a long flexible holly branches and using the stub wire of floral pins, wire them onto the frame in a circle,
fill the spaces with other pieces of holly and ivy,
making a thick, luxuriant display,
arrange the 8 holly-leaf fabric straps in a circle,
with their ends pointing outwards,
on one of the circles of red printed fabric,
glue them into position, leave the fabric until the glue is quite dry,
fold each piece of bias binding in half length ways and then again cross ways,
pin these equally spaced around the edge of the piece of fabric with the holly leaves on it, with the cut ends against,
the edge of the circle, place 2 circles of fabric together, right sides inwards,
stitch them together around the edges,
making 1,5cm seam and leaving a gap of 5cm for tuning,
trim the seam and snip into the curves at regular intervals,
turn the circles right side out, fill the resulting circular bag with Christmas spice so that it becomes 1cm,
sew up the gap by hand, lay the bag flat and distribute the filing evenly,
loop a piece of stub wire through each of the bias bind-ing loops,
wire the circle into the centre of the wreath so completely fills up,
coat the hook in glue wind 1,3 cm piece of red ribbon around it, cover sawing down the end,
the long piece 15cm ribbon can either be tied around the hook or around the hanger.

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