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Roman paving stone


paving slabs
mosaic tiles
PVA adhesive
quick – mix cement
ready – mix frout

Draw your design to size on a piece of white paper,
cover with netting and draw over the design with a permanent marker pen,
remove the paper from the underneath the net and replace with clear plastic or grease proof paper,
this will prevent the tiles from sticking to your work surface,
use tile nippers to cut some of the tiles in half to do this,
introduce the tile about 3mm on the cutting edge of the nippers,
make sure that the top of the half tiles,
stick the tiles into position on the netting using PVA adhesive and an artist brush,
leave to dry for 2 hours, trim off the excess netting from around the design,
place the design on the paving slab and draw around it with a permanent pen,
mix approximately 2 cupfuls of cement with water, following the manufactures instructions add the water gradually so as not make the consistency too wet,
stir thoroughly,
use a palette knife or small trowel to apply to cement to the paving slab within the marked design area,
place the mosaic net-side down over the cemented area,
press down with your fingers,
cover the mosaic with a board and tramp down,
firmly with a hammer to force the cement up through the netting,
remove the board,
cover any edges of netting with cement,
carefully wipe the tiles dean using a damp cloth,
leave to dry for at least twenty-four hours,
the cement will lighten in colour as it dries,
apply grout between the tiles with your fngers (use gloves),
wipe off excess with a damp cloth,
leave to dry for 24hrs,
buff with tile cleaner and damp cloth,
rinse the tile cleaner off using a very wet cloth,
you can adapt this technique to make whole designs



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