Plaited garlands


3 strips of fabric in matching colours (45cm) long and (9cm) wide
kitchen funnel
christmas spicery
45cm of ribbon
1,3cm wide for straight garland

Fold each piece of fabric in half length ways right side inwards and sew a 6mm seam,
with this seam lying down the centre, stitch one end of the strip in a point,
turn the strip right side out, cut the opposite end into a point, fold the edges inwards to make a (6mm) turning and press this ,
press the strip flat, using a kitchen funnel, fill the strips with 2 tsp of Christmas spice,
sew up the open end, when all 3 strips have been filled and sewn place them one on top of the other and pin, the machined ends together across the point,
plait the strips, keeping them as flat as possible, pin the bottom ends together across the points,
stitch a cross the points at both ends, if necessary rearrange the plaits so that they lie evenly,
to make a circular garland, ben the garland in a circle,
keeping the plait flat,
lay the top end over the bottom end and sew them together by hand,
rearrange the plait if necessary, make a large floppy bow from in wide (1,3cm) ribbon and sewing it over the join,

to make a larger hanging decoration,
you will need 3 circular garlands in 70cm of 4cm ribbon and 1 wooden curtain ring, fold under and press in (1,3cm) at one end of the ribbon, thread this end through the curtain ring and stitch it in position, cut the other ring and stitch it in position, cut the other end of the ribbon into a V Shape, sew garland onto the ribbon about 2 (5cm) apart.

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