Paper beads


A piece of paper (if you plan on painting the beads rather than leaving as is, I suggest just plain white printer paper)
Something to wrap the beads around (I use a wooden skewer, you can find these at the grocery store)
Nail polish
Krazy glue

Measure 1.5 centimetres on one edge of the paper and about .1 centimetres on the opposite side. Do this long ways on the paper. Hold the ruler from one point to the
other, and draw a line connecting these points with your pencil. Cut down the line you just drew, making a very thin and tall triangle. Take the wide bottom of the triangle and
wrap it around the skewer. Continue wrapping the paper around the skewer, until the whole triangle has been wrapped. Use your glue to keep the tip of the triangle held down
on newly created bead. Let the glue dry, and paint the bead with the nail polish of your choice. Continue making your beads and painting them. Once the beads have dried
on the skewer, pull them off and string them. It required about 13 beads for me to complete a bracelet.


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