Marionette socks


One lonely unpaired sock
A needle and thread
Craft glue
2 x buttons
Some wool

Put the sock on your hand so that your fingers are in the toe and your thumb is in the heel. Test out making the puppet talk and take note of where its eyes will be. Use the needle and thread to sew on two buttons for eyes.Cut the wool to size for the sort of hair-do you want. Gather it together in the centre-part and wind a piece of wool around the middle to keep it all together in one hair-do. Glue the hair on using the centre-part to anchor it. When the glue is dry, make it more secure by sewing it to the sock in the same place. Express yourself with hair-dos: plaits, long straight hair, pigtails, a ponytail …

Just find an old sock and rubber band off 2 small ears at the corners of the toe of your sock. Then Draw a face on the cat or use felt shapes or buttons to make the features of the cat that you see on the left side of the illustratoin above. Then get some laundry lint, some cotton filler, or polyfil and stuff the toe of the sock until it is round like a head. Then use a large rubber band to wrap the head in place. For a tail you can just wrap or braid yarn or string together and then tie closed. Then get a safety pin and attach it to the hell of the sock.


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