Marionette in felt


Mulit-colored felt
Multi-colored embroidery thread and needle
(optional) Simple cartoon images of the characters you are creating.

This will help you figure out the simplified features to give you puppets.
Using your finger, create a “pattern” for the body of your puppets, so they are all about the same size. Draw a line around your finger with about 1cm on all sides. Stop just below your second knuckle. Cut out the various pieces need, including two body pieces. Have fun here! Finger puppets are not meant to be perfect or anatomically correct. Find a helpful cartoon image as a guide, if needed, and cut away. Sew on embellishments to wings/arms or body. For this stage I used mainly a whip stitch. Add eyes and mouth. The mouth is a backstitch. I gave all of my puppets a bit of a smirk. Pin all of the pieces in place, placing a body piece on the top and bottom. Once pinned, do a blanket stitch around the exterior using matching thread. Use a running stitch in places where arms/wings will not allow a blanket stitch. Done! Dream up a story, and it’s playtime. Just to get your creative juices flowing, here are all of the puppets currently in my collection.

I want to remind you, my Website has “translate” into your language, thanks for being here x
amadriadi © Copyright Protect My Work Limited


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