Ladybug puppet


Two paper plates for each ladybug
Stapler or tape (colored tape looks really nice but is not necessary)
Red and black paint, markers or crayons
Black construction paper
Pipe cleaner
Hole punch
Optional: googly eyes

Using black construction paper, cut out the ladybug’s legs (cut two sets of three legs). Staple (or tape) two paper plates together (put the eating surfaces of the plates on
the inside) – make sure to staple the legs between the plates. Don’t staple the plates all the way round – leave one end of the ladybug unstapled. Cut off the rim of the plates
where they were not stapled (or taped) – this is where you will put your hand to move the ladybug. Paint the top of the ladybug red (except the head, which is black). Paint
the bottom of the ladybug black. Either paint some black dots on the ladybug or glue some black circles on its back. Either paint eyes or glue on googly eyes. Punch two
holes at the top for the antennae. Thread a pipe cleaner through the holes. You now have a really cute ladybug puppet.

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