Ideas Easter eggs


For cover the eggs: need 2 rectangles of patterned of fabric the same size,
the fabric width should be 2cm wider than half circumference of the widest part of your egg and height should be 2cm taller than the length of your egg,
around 8cm longer, turn the rectangles right sides facing and sew down each long side, sew a running stitch along the bottom edge and pull the material up tight before sewing small stitches to secure,
turn out and place the egg in the pouch, either tie the top with bakers twine or tuck the excess fabric in and sew the hole.

For do egg lace:
instead of a paper border,
wrap ribbon round the centre of the egg and 2 length of lace either side,
finish with pink ribbon bows

Egg blue and pink:
add a punched border to the paper strip with an 4cm border punch,
ink the edges before wrapping around,
layer up ribbon and tie baker’s, twine through a button for a tactile touch

Egg flowers:
create a gathered flower for an egg,
cut a length of fabric and sew a running stitch down the raw edge,
gather and bring the ends together, sew a button to secure.

Egg mix and match:
cut fabric rectangles from 2 coloured fat quarters before sewing,
to make the flower top, cut a length 5cm wide,
fold in half and sew a running stitch along the raw edge,
draw the stitches together,
roll the gathered fabric into a flower and sew to secure.

Egg zigzag:
create a strip to wrap around,
cut a zigzag border which inked before securing with pins, finish with buttons and a bow.

Egg multi colour:
add a cute mini pleated flower to the centre of an egg and embellish with ribbon bows and polka dot mini buttons.

Egg shabby chic:
make a frilled border by cutting a strip of fabric and fold the edges into the centre, sew a running stitch along middle and gather, secure with glue.


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