How to Shrink



Pre heat and oven 170*C and place the “shrink” plastic items on a baking tray lined with parchment or baking paper.
Put into the oven and watch as it curls up them magically shrines.
This takes just a a few seconds, remove from the oven and intermediately flatten with something smooth, such as a clear stamp.
Do you can use too your hair dry!!


Trace large and smalls hearts (or other designs)
from your templates on to shrink plastic.
Cut out with scissors.
Place a selection of stamps (or folk or floral or other designs), stamp set on a clear stamp, block and cover with permanent ink.
Be carefully the position of the stamp and press down firmly.
Peel off and repeat the stamping process until the heart is covered.
Set aside.
Colour the smaller heart using a permanent dual markers pen.
Leave both to dry 30′ until the ink is dry.
Make 2 holes through the larger heart (doing it before shrinking the plastic!).
Shrink and flatten the hearts, leave dry for 10′.
Using silicone glue amount to the centre of the large heart and place the red, smaller heart directly on top.
Gently press to fuse together and leave to dry for few hours.
Repeat the process with the wooden heart on top of the red plastic heart.
When the glue has set, attach a silver chain to the heart with jump rings (using pliers), to form a original necklace.


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