Doll house


Big box of cardboard with other 2 small (what we use for living room and kitchen).

Upstairs will’be the room.
Now completely cover the inside and outside of the boxes (you can choose other patterned wall for your doll’s house)
Attention to the edges and corners.
Cover the inside of a rectangular inner box with floral green paper and cover the inside of a square inner box with blue spotted paper.
These 2 boxes will become the downstairs room of the doll’s house with foam pink craft the brickwork (approx 4cm wide).
Score with an embossing tool to create the faux brick cladding effect.
Use a black die ink to colour the foam.
Lip and cut down the lip edge at opposite ends of one of the longest side and open out.
Cover all outer sides of the lid with double-sided.
Tape and attach the faux brick cladding bending over the front and sides.
To create the roof cut a piece of cardboard to measure 30cm x 10cm.
Mark a halfway point at 15cm along the top long edge.
Mark 2 points 2cm up the short sides, opposite the long marked edge.
Connect these 3 points to create a triangle and cut out to make the roof.
Cut several 3cm wide trips foam a sheet lightly draw scallops along one long edge of each strip then cut the scallops with either scissors.
Draw a line with brush marker pen around each scallop.
Attach the foam strips to the roof sections in layers with a double-sided tape, to give appearance of tiles.
Place the completed roof section on the longer side of lid front and glue into position.
Glue one of the longest sides of two the smaller inner boxes to reach end of the bottom of the main box.
Leaving the open sides facing the back.
Cover all the visible sides with brick cladding paper in the same way as for the main body of your doll’s house.
For create the furniture of your house, use a piece of cartoon, foam, ceramic.
To decor use fabric, ribbon metallic, paper mirror, bottoms, gems, pearls and everything what your imagination can recycled to do it.


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