Cake pop Snowman


500gr christmas cake
100gr icing
500gr chocolate melts
14 cake pop sticks
candies varie
mini marshmallows

Crumble the cake into a bowl until looks like bread crumbs.
Mix 2 spoon of icing and roll into balls, start to do balls for the head and body.
Put the white chocolate to melt in other bowl, dip the end of the cake pop stick into the chocolate, slide the body onto the stick and then dip the stick again.
Put the snowman in fridge 10′
Then dip each one in the melt chocolate again (make the mouth with stick) and leave dry in a glass jar.
Stick the mini chocolate chips as buttons, eyes, nose and finally the tie with strip of jelly candies.
With chocolate white melt (onto the bake paper) doing a circle and put on a one marshmallow for do the hat and add icing.

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