Advent potpourri with match boxes


24 match boxes (empty)
fabric christmas print (5.5. x 4.5. cm) size or carboard print
1 piece of christmas print fabric (42 x 9 cm) size
24 split-pin paper fasteners
1 piece of thin white card to form the base of the drawers

For filling the match boxes:
22gr bay leaves
15gr rosemary
3 pines cones
30gr cloves
30gr berries dried
15gr cinnamon sticks
lemon oil
clove oil
rosemary oil
orange oil

To do:
lay 4 match boxes side by side on the table, all facing the same way,
glue them together, glue another 4 match boxes together and place them on top of the first 4,
putting glue on the top and bottom of the boxes, continue until you have a set of drawers 6 match boxes high, leave the glue dry completely, take out one drawer, apply glue on the inside and outside of one end wall, including about (1,3 cm) of the base, place glue end of the drawer on the centre of one of the fabric to the sides of the drawer, trim into the top corners and fold in the excess fabric, fold the excess fabric under at the bottom and trim off the corners, leave the drawer to dry and repeat with all of the rest, insert a paper faster into the centre of the covered en of each drawer,
cover the back of the set match box drawers with (19 x 15 cm) of fabric, glue it the sides, base and top, on one long side of the remaining piece of fabric fold over and glue (1,3 cm), seam allowance, fold over and glue the prepared piece of fabric over the top and sides of the drawers, folding over the excess fabric at the base, put the contents of the first drawer into a plastic bag, add the contents of the succeeding drawers to it, crushing the spice and fill the drawers, filled each boxes with potpourri and little candies!

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