The Carol Christmas


Every Christmas Eve, Rob, Fred and Micky sing in front of all the inhabitants of the ice pack. In return, they get a golden star to attach to the Christmas tree. However, on this particular Christmas Eve morning, Micky gets up and starts to sneeze. “You’ll have to sing without me tonight” he said, his voice all hoarse.
“Oh no!” replied his friends, we can’t do that!” But then again, it would be terribly sad for the inhabitants of the ice cap if they couldn’t have their Christmas carols this year!
They had to find a solution to cure Micky, and quickly! The three friends went to see doctor Lolo. He sighed: “There’s only one way we can cure this in such a short time…”
“How?” cried Rob and Fred as one, as Micky gave yet another sneeze, burying his beak in his handkerchief. “The only thing that could cure this cold in a few hours is the golden seaweed to be found in the Indian Ocean” explained the doctor.
“But we’re miles away from the Indian Ocean!” the little penguins said despairingly. “So no Christmas carols this year then!” sniffed Fred, letting a tear fall into the icy water. Pincho, the little ice fish, was so surprised by this warm, salty drop of water that had fallen into the cold waters, suddenly popped his head out of the sea.
“What’s going on?” he asked. Rob and Fred told Pincho that Micky was ill and that the only thing that could make him better was the golden seaweed from the Indian Ocean.
“The Indian Ocean! exclaimed Pincho. Hang on, I’ve got an idea… Give me a moment…
“And with that, the little icefish vanished back into the ice-cold water. In the depths of the Arctic Ocean, Pincho laid out his plan. There wasn’t a second to lose.
With all the energy he could muster, the little fish sent signals out to all his friends all over the ocean. They passed on the message, and in a few minutes, the message crossed the Arctic Ocean, then the Pacific Ocean, before finally arriving in the Indian Ocean. The butterfly fish were quick to spot the Golden Seaweed and fin stroke by fin stroke, they made their way to the Arctic Ocean. It was barely midday when Pincho handed over the Golden Seaweed to the little penguins. Micky gobbled down a cup of seaweed herbal tea and in no time at all, his voice was back. Pincho was the hero of the hour and our friends got a huge round of applause too. How proud they were to have the honour of attaching the beautiful golden star to the top of the Christmas tree once again.

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