A Christmas Dream


Author: Lydie Jaillon

Lulu is a little polar bear who lives in an igloo on the polar ice cap. On Christmas Eve, his eyes shining with excitement, he asks his mum:
-Mum, I’ve been good this year, haven’t I?
-Of course you have dear. You’re a very good little bear.
-Can I write my letter to Santa Claus then?
-Of course you can, replies his mum, but after that, you’ll have to go to bed, because it’s already late.
So Lulu gets down to work, fountain pen in paw before a blank sheet of paper:
Dear Santa Claus,
I hope that you are well, and your little helpers too. This year, I would like: a long woollen scarf (I get cold on the ice cap sometimes), a wooden sledge, a fishing rod
Please! (It doesn’t matter if you can’t bring every single present)
Thank you
Hugs and kisses
After having finished his letter to Santa Claus, Lulu went to bed. But before he went off to sleep, he thought once more about what he’d written. Of course, he’d really, really like to have all these presents. But what he’d like to do most of all would be to meet Santa Claus himself and to go for a ride in his sleigh. Lulu dozed off, dreaming of an old man with a white beard, a huge sack full of presents and a sleigh that was as fast as the wind. Tomorrow, he’d post his letter at the top of White Angel Hill.
The next morning, Lulu got up very early. He got his backpack ready, in which he put his letter and his lunch – it was a long journey, after all. He said goodbye to his parents and started off.It was still cold, but the sun had started to rise over the ice pack. Far off in the distance, Lulu spied the hill. It looked like it was a million miles away! But the brave, determined little bear kept on walking, although he was already exhausted. He went a little further and then decided to have a quick break. He sat down on a little block of ice and set his backpack down next to him. The sun’s rays warmed his hands and face just a bit. He was so tired he closed his eyelids and dropped off to sleep. When he opened them again, he was seized with panic! The sun had melted the ice, and all around him there was nothing but water, it was like being trapped on a tiny island. The sun was starting to set. He couldn’t go back home, or go on to the hill… He sank down onto the block of ice in despair and big, fat tears trickled down his furry coat. “I’m lost. I can’t get back home and I can’t post my letter to Santa Claus” However, just as darkness was beginning to spread over the ice cap, a light shone in the sky and a very faint jingling sound reached his ears. Lulu looked up into the starry sky. What do you think he saw? He could hardly believe his eyes… Santa Claus’ sleigh, pulled by its team of reindeer. Above him the sleigh began to slow down, before landing on the ice, leaving a trail of silver stars in its wake. Lulu stood open-mouthed in amazement before the man with the white beard, who said: “Are you coming, my little fellow? I’m going to take you back to your home”. All his sadness and fears forgotten, Lulu climbed into the sleigh. The little bear was dumbstruck! He – Lulu – was flying over the ocean in Santa Claus’ magnificent sleigh! He was so excited at how fast they were going, he even forgot all about his letter and the presents he wanted for Christmas. None of that mattered any more – his dream had come true. A few minutes later, the sleigh came to a stop outside his igloo. The little bear gave Santa Claus a big hug to thank him. The old man gave him a wink and his fine scarlet woolly hat. “The pleasure was all mine, little fellow! Merry Christmas!” and quick as a flash, he disappeared into the sky. “Darling, you’re back!” Lulu’s parents rushed towards him and held him in their arms. “We were so scared, little cub, where were you?” his dad asked “Santa Claus gave me a wonderful present!” the little bear replied, still all excited. He’s given us the best possible present to us as well” said his mum, hugging her little bear cub very tightly in her arms”.

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