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The Little Christmas Tree


Once, on a hill above a town, there was a little Christmas tree.
So many big trees grew all around, there was no room for the little tree to spread its roots, so it hardly grew at all.
Nobody knew that the tiny little Christmas tree was even there.
As Christmas time draw near. the little tree always felt so unhappy. He could see people looking at all the others trees and hear the children laughing and taking to each other.
“Ooh, look at that lovely big Christmas tree, isn’t it great!”
“We can hang lots of presents on those strong branches!”
“This Christmas tree is so nice and tall!”
“Choose me!” Thought the little Christmas tree. “Please choose me!”. But nobody did.
Then one cold winter’s night, something happened.
Quite suddenly, a strong wind began to blow.
The wind howled down all the chimneys, blew under all the doors and rattled all the windows. And it whistled through the branches of all trees, tugging hard at the roots.
The little Christmas tree held on for as long as he could. But then a sudden gust of wind blew hard against the bottom branches and he felt himself being lifted high into the air!
“Whoo-whoo!” Whistled the wind, blowing harder than ever.
Only one person saw the little Christmas treewhirling and twirling about on that cold, snowy night.
Gradually, the wind died down as more big, white snowflakes fell from the sky.
The little Christmas tree felt himself falling, falling, until he came to rest on a bed of snow.
“About time too!” Came a voice. And a figure in a red cloak and big boots picked up the little Christmas tree. “You always wanted to be a proper Christmas tree, didn’t you?
Little by little, the sky became highter and a pale sun shone down. “Hey, here’s the Christmas tree we wanted!” Someone shouted.
“Mum, said Santa would bring it, Jason!”
“Let’s take it indoors,” came a boy’s voice, “then we’ll find a big flower pot or something and fill it with earth. Well soon have this looking like a real Christmas tree!”
“I am glad it’s a little Christmas tree!” Said Anna. “Big Christmas tree need lots of decorations!”
“And it’s tall enough for me to reach the top branch!” Laughed Jason. “I like it!”
They worked hard all morning, cutting out paper stars, making balls of silver foil and hanging things on all the branches.
The little Christmas tree loved every minute.
There were lots of games and parties and fun around the little Christmas tree!
Someone caught their sleeve on a branch and a piece broke off, but the little Christmas tree tried not to mind.
“Our poor tree!” Said Anna.
“All it’s little green needles are beginning to fall off.”
“That always happens,” said someone else.
“Christmas tree don’t last long indoors!”
By the time of Christmas was over, the little Christmas tree way very worried, “we’ll put the decorations in the cupboard ready for the next year!” Said mum. “Any rubbish for the dustmen?”
“What about the Christmas tree?” Asked Jason. “We can’t put that in the cupboard.”
“No,” said mum, lifting the Christas tree out of it’s flower pot. “It will have to go outside.”
The poor little Christmas tree trembled so much.
That a whole shower of green needles fell to the ground.
He was taken outside and set down by a cold wall, waiting for the dustmen.
After a while, the little tree was lifted up again -but he hardly cared. All he had ever wanted was to be a real christmas tree. He had never been so unhappy.
He began to dream that he could hear birds singing, just as they did when he had been with the other trees on the hillside.
He thought he heard a voice, ounding just like Jason.
“Look at the birds! They’re eating all the food we’ve put round our tree!”
The little Christmas tree looked down at his new, green branches, with the birds darting in and out.
“That little tree has certainly brightened up our back yard!” Said mum.
“You always said nothing would grow. Because we don’t get much sunshine!” Said Jason.
“But we really don’t want our Cristmas tree to grow!” Said Anna.
And all through the months that followed, the birds would come and perch on the tree, chirping and singing.
As the days grew shorter, the time came for the birds to fly away to warmer lands.
But the little Christmas tree did not mind.
Soon, he knew, winter would come once again.
Then he would be a real little Christmas tree again, with stars and silvers balls.
Anna and Jason loved him. “Because,” said Jason, “we can have a little bit of Christmas all year round!”

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