Christmas · Tales

The Christmas Snowman


Author: Diana Sherman

Sammy was a handsome new snowman.
He had buttons eyes, a carrot nose and bowler hat. But Sammy didn’t want to be and ordinary snowman.
“A Christmas Snowman?” Said squeaky squirrel, as he jumped off the branch to say hello.
“Now that would be something special.”
“Very special,” said corky crow, he swooped low, and landed on Sammy’s shoulder. “But how can you be a Christmas Snowman?”
“Well,” said Sammy, “first I’ll need some decorations. You do lot of travelling, crow. Have you see something I can use?”
Corky crow thought a minute, then took off for hi favourite spot, the dump.
On a pile of rubbish he saw a wreath that looked like new. Carry-ing it back in his beak, he dropped it over Sammy head.
“Thank you,” said Sammy. “This looks fine around my neck. Now what about you, squirrel? Do you have anything I can use?”
Squeaky Squirrel thought for a minute, then scurried back to his hide-hole in the tree. From deep inside he pulled out a big red bow he’d found on the ground.
“Here you are, Snowman,” said squirrel. He tucked the ribbon on Sammy’s hat.
Fanny field mouse heard the commotion and poked her nose out from under a log.
“A new Snowman! How do you do!”
“He wants to be a Christmas Snowman,” said squeaky squirrel. “Do you have any decorations we can use?”
Fanny thought a minute. Then she disappeared in her hole. Soon she was back with her children behind her, ping a huge gold ball.
“It’s a tree ornament,” said Fanny. “The children found it last year.”
“Beautiful,” said Sammy, as they fastened it on his chest. “Thank you friends. Do I look like a Christmas Snowman now?”
“Oh yes,” shouted Squeaky squirrel. “Seeing you makes me feel all happy and Christmas-is inside.”
He clapped his paw together and started doing somersaults.
The field mouse children began tumbling too.
Sammy smiled as he watched. He liked making everyone happy.
“I feel like dancing,” Fanny said. She glided around the others.
“There’s just on think. Christmas is for everyone. The animals can see you here, but not many people will.”
Sammy thought about it. Then he had and idea. “Come here, Corky crow,” he said. He whispered into Corky’s hear.
With a flap and flutter of his wings Corky flew off. He found some children racing down hill on their sledges.
Sweeping low, he grabbed a mitten some one left on the ground.
“Come back, crow,” the children yelled. They grabbed their sledges and followed to where the Snowman stood.
“Someone decorated the Snowman!” They stood admiring Sammy.
“Doesn’t he make you feel good?” Said the children. “A real Christmas Snowman!” Joining hands, they danced all around Sammy.
Up in the tree, Corky crow danced too, clappin his wings to keep time.
Squirrel drummed on a branch with some twigs.
And down below, behind a lot, the field mouse children froliked.
At night, when everyone slept, Sammy stood in the moonlight. He felt a lovely glow inside. His friends helped make his dream come true. He couldn’t be happier.
He was a Christmas Snowman!

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