Technique Gilding Flakes


Transfer the flakes into a larger lidded box this makes it easier to apply to the image
the glue is extremely tacky (flutter glue) so you do not need to use too much on the phat foam
wash the phat foam in warm water and leave to dry they can be used again
do not let the glue to sit too long on the stamp as it will become too tacky and can ruin the surface
clean stamps straight away after using the easy stamp for to do a card Christmas:
cut a small piece of phat foam and spread a small amount of flutter glue evenly over the surface
lightly tap the surface of the stamp with the foam
making sure you have a light even coverage
quick stamp and make sure the stamp doesn’t wobble or move
carefully lift it off the piece of card
sprinkle the gilding flakes over the stamped image and gently press down with your fingertips
try not to smudge the glue underneath
tap off the loose flakes back into the pot and use your finger stips gently rub across the card to reveal the stamped image
trim the image to size and start to décor your card.

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