Santa busy day


Santa had been busy all morning, getting ready for Christmas Eve!
“Have a rest, Santa!” Cried an Elf. “You are always so busy!”
“But, I like being busy!” Said Santa. “And do you know the job I like best of all?”
“Riding the sleight!” Said the Elf. “Putting all the toys in the sacks!” Cried the little Christmas fairy.
“Wrong!” Launghed Santa. “What I like best is reading all my letters.”
“Your letters!” Cried the little Christmas Elf. “That’s reminds me! Has anyone written asking for a little wooden engine, Santa? This one gets left behind every Christmas Eve.”
“I do think so… ” Said Santa. “Can you put it in my sack? I really must read these letters. They’re from children in the town, I’m visiting tomorrow!” Suddenly, he stopped.
“Listen to this!” He said.
“Dear Santa, will you please bring an extra nice present as a Christmas surprise for our daddy. Thank you. Lost of love from Tina & Tom!”
“If only Tina and Tom had said what they wanted for their daddy!” Groaned Santa.
“How do I know what he would like?”
“What about some hankies?” Said the Christmas fairy.
“That doesn’t sound much of a surprise!” Said Santa.
Then Penny pixie, who helped to look after the reindeer, had and idea.
“What about one of your Christmas beakers?” She said.
Santa Claus gave a big smile. “Now that’s a real Christmas surprise!” He said.
“I can’t wait to see Tina and Tom’s faces when I meet their daddy tomorrow!”
Cery early the next morning, Santa got ready to begin his long journey.
“Wrap up warmly!” Said Penny, tucking a scarf inside his cloak.
“You are very sure to have a very buy day!”
It’s was still dark when the town where Tina and Tom lived came in sight.
“Put me down beside that big Christmas tree,” Santa told the reindeer, “and then you can take the sleigh back home!”
Soon, Santa knew, he would be busy meeting people and hearing what everyone wanted for Christmas!
He wa looking forward to seeing Tom and Tina with their daddy.
He didn’t have long to wait. “Look daddy!”
Someone cried, and a girl and boy came hurrying up. “Tina and Tom!” Smiled Santa. “Here’s that Christmas surprise for daddy!”
“We’re Mike and Mandy, not Tina and Tom!” Said the boy. “And, I’m daddy, their big brother!” Said the man. “But, thanks for the surprise, Santa! It’s just wha I’ve always wanted!”
“Oh, no!” Thought poor Santa. “What can I give Tina & Tom’s daddy, now?” Just then up came another boy and girl, with someone wearing a crash helmet and motorbike leggins.
“Come on Tom!” Cried the girl.
“Tom!” Thought Santa. “Tom and Tina with their daddy!” Without thinking, he unwound the scarf from inside his cloak and handed it across.
“Here’s a Christmas surprise for you, Sir!” He cried. “A very Merry Christmas!”
Tom gave a cheer. “Just what Sam wanted!” He cried.
“She looks after us.”
“Sam?” Echoed Santa Claus.
The person took of the crash helmet with a shake of her long hair, “A scarf!” She cried. “Just the thing when I’m ridding my motorbike, eh kids?” And Sam gave Santa a big kiss!
So many people wanted to see Santa Claus on that busy day!
Everyone looked so pleased and so happy, he could not help smiling.
But at the same time, he was also very worried.
Santa had been so busy, giving out lots of lovely things from his sack, that soon there would be nothing left at all!
“Oh dear!” Thought poor Santa Claus. “Whatever shall I do?”
“Hello Santa!” Someone said, and Santa Claus turned to see a girl in a bobble hat. “I’m Tina and this is my brother, Tom! Did you get our letter about a surprise for our daddy?”
“Er, well…” Santa stopped, and without thinking, he put his hand deep into his sack, feeling around at the very bottom.
There was something small and hard, tucked away in one corner.
It was the little wooden engine! Tom and Tina’s daddy gave a big smile, reaching out to touch it.
“A model engine!” He cried. “I’ve always wanted a model engine! Thank you Santa!”
“You’re clever Santa!” Said Tina. “Tom said you’d know daddy wanted!”
Tom looked very proud. And their daddy? He hust kept looking at the little wooden engine!
Santa was chuckling all the way home!
“Why did I worry about that Christmas surprise?” He kept saying. “I only had to remember that grown-ups never quite stop being children!”
It was soon dark. Snow began falling and Santa was glad to see the lights from his workshop.
“I’ll be glad to have a rest!” He told his reindeer. “I’ve had a such and busy day!”

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