Owl to hang

CRAFTS Christmas 🎄🎅

24cm x 11cm felt (brown, white for the body and wings) do you can choice the colour
3cm x 6cm (of contrasting colour felt for the eyes)
20cm x 2cm of feltred (for the scarf)
scrap brown/black felt (for the beak and pupils)
wooden buttons (for the eyes)
15-20cm thin ribbon
embroidery cotton
8gr toy stuffing

Cut out 2 body pieces and 2 wings fro large piece of felt,
one beak and 2 eyes from smaller piece of felt,
taking long piece of red felt make little cuts around 5-8cm (wide in both ends) to produce a fringing effect.
To add button eyes or two felt circles on front the body piece with wooden buttons on top.
Using embroidery thread, secure with stitches through button holes.
For felt eyes place 2 felt circles on front body piece and secure with long straight stitches,
starting in centre and radiating outwards,
add small circle of brown or black felt in centre of each eye
finish with a “French knot”,
sew beak in place just below eyes, for the loop fold ribbon in half,
place at top of head on wrong side of back body piece and secure with small stitches,
place front on top of back,
wrong sides together with ends of hanging loop,
stuff, then gap closed,
attach the wings (half way) down each side with small stitches,
tie the red scarf around the neck and append to your tree!

I want to remind you, my Website has “translate” into your language, thanks for being here x
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