Gnome Christmas


30,5cm x 30,5cm and 10,2cm x 12,7cm cotton drill fabric
30,5cm x 30,5cm scarp cotton fabric
felt scraps
polyester stuffing
10,2cm x 12,7cm non woven

Cut shape,
invert shape and cut another from scarp fabric for the back of the gnome
cut felt shapes and cut 2 shapes for the shoes
with right sides together pin and stitch the front and back of the gnome together using 6 mm seam and leaving the bottom edge open
snip notches from the curves of the seams
turn right side out and fill with stuffing
turn bottom edge under 0,5 cm and back
cut shape from the smaller piece of cotton and one from interfacing
trim interfacing 0,5 cm the pin and stitch onto the cotton
insert oval base into base of gnome with interfacing on the inside
slip stitch in place, stitch the felt shapes onto the gnome using embroidery thread
starting with the trouser piece and overlapping each piece of felt, slightly for a perfect finish.
cut the belt from fabric scrap (2,5 cm x 13,3 cm) and fold long sides under 0,5 cm
slip it through the felt belt buckle pin and stitch in place around the waist,
cut felt circles for the eyes and hat can dรฉcor with stitch or bottom
embroider the mouth with “French knot” to each end
can use as dรฉcor or for your tree!

I want to remind you, my Website has “translate” into your language, thanks for being here x
amadriadi ยฉ Copyright Protect My Work Limited


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