Galletas de Navidad

RECETA DE NAVIDAD 🥣🎄 350 gr harina1 cdita bicarbonato de sodio2 cdita jenjibre molido100 gr azucar4 cdas miel1 huevo Pre calentar el horno 190 CEn un bol tamizar la harina, jenjibre, bicarbonato, luego agregar la mantequilla, azucar y mezclar todo muy bien, hasta ser suave.Aparte en otro bowl batir el huevo con la miel, luego esto agregamos a la harina y iniciamos amasarlo con las … Continue reading Galletas de Navidad

Christmas Toys

CHRISTMAS TALE ✨🎄📚 Author: Kahtleen Daly Mr & Mrs Mouse named their new baby “Chris Mouse”, because he was born at Christmas time and happy time it was.“Come let’s take Chris to see the joys of Christmas”, said father mouse.The first thing they saw was a snowman.“Snow falls from the sky on cold days in winter”, said mother.“Let’s make snow balls!”.Soon they were throwing snowballs … Continue reading Christmas Toys

The Christmas Snowman

CHRISTMAS TALE ✨📚🎄 Author: Diana Sherman Sammy was a handsome new snowman.He had buttons eyes, a carrot nose and bowler hat. But Sammy didn’t want to be and ordinary snowman.“A Christmas Snowman?” Said squeaky squirrel, as he jumped off the branch to say hello.“Now that would be something special.”“Very special,” said corky crow, he swooped low, and landed on Sammy’s shoulder. “But how can you … Continue reading The Christmas Snowman

Noni, the Christmas Reindeer

CHRISTMAS TALE ✨🎄📚 Author: Daphne Doward Hogstrom Noni, could fly faster and farther than any other reindeer at The North Pole, but she was never allowed to pull Santa’s sleigh.“You are too small,” Santa told her. “I need big, strong deer to haul my heavy load. You stay at home and guard the stable, day by day.”But, it was lonely guarding the reindeer stable every … Continue reading Noni, the Christmas Reindeer

Santa busy day

CHRISTMAS TALE ✨📚🎄 Santa had been busy all morning, getting ready for Christmas Eve!“Have a rest, Santa!” Cried an Elf. “You are always so busy!”“But, I like being busy!” Said Santa. “And do you know the job I like best of all?”“Riding the sleight!” Said the Elf. “Putting all the toys in the sacks!” Cried the little Christmas fairy.“Wrong!” Launghed Santa. “What I like best … Continue reading Santa busy day

Christmas on the farm

CHRISTMAS TALE ✨🎄📚✨ It was a very cold, wintry afternoon at Happydale Farm.“Soon be Christmas!” Said farmer Merry. “Time to put Christmas tree in the hall!”“Soon be Christmas!” Said his wife. “Time to cut the holly and mistletoe. I want some nice big bunches for the dinning room.”“Soon be Christmas!” Cried Jenny. “Time to make cotton wool snow balls to stick on the windows.”“And make … Continue reading Christmas on the farm