Tips for Happy Christmas


Author: Kirstie Allsopp’s

1- Make the best wreath:
the trick to a luxuriant and expensive looking wreath is to start with a great foundation, packing in as much sack moss a you can onto the wire frame so you can load your wreath if the sack moss is nice and lush.

2- Decorate the best tree:
use a ribbons and wire to attach the baubes.
Put the fairy lights on then cover the wires and plastic with tinsel, wich gives a beautiful glittered effect when the lights are switched on.

3- Get ahead with gift making:
start in October then in November you should be ready to make christmas stockings and any new decorations for the tree.

4- Get ahead with gifts-buying:
don’t leave it all until December.
In October back a day of work midweek and hit the toy shops before the christmas rush and before everything sell out.
Emails relatives and family.

5- Make a Xmas magical for the kids

6- Decorate your home

7- Save money:
Use as much as you can of what you’ve got and add some tinsel or gold spray. Free up some of your craft stash and transform it into gifts and decorations.

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