Merry Magnets


They ‘ll sparkle and shine wherever you place them,
for first, cut out (3,8cm) circles from your chosen designs (of paper, fabric, stickers, etc),
choose the order for your lettering, stick the letters onto the cut out circles,
adhere the glass nuggets on top of the cut circles with decoupage medium,
rub any bubbles off to the edge of the glass nuggets,
cover the back with 2 thin coats of decoupage medium to seal,
cut the beaded wire to the circumference of the nugget plus (2,5cm),
remove beads and twist the wire ends together, making a circle,
trim the excess twisted wire to (3mm),
glue the beads to the outsides edge of the glass nugget with epoxy,
let dry,
fold the twist of wire to the back of the glass nugget, keep it in position with a dab of epoxy,
use it to attach the magnet to the center of the back of the glass nugget,
let dry,
use a little beads!

I want to remind you, my Website has “translate” into your language, thanks for being here x
amadriadi © Copyright Protect My Work Limited


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