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Cracker Cake


Do it a pudding traditional Christmas cake, with a round cake tin 4” twist a 7 cm circle to 1 cm deep into the top, use the sharp knife to slice around the edge.
Trim excess from the bottom and be carefully remove the disc, make 8 discs.
Then level the cake disc (4 cm) with a sharp knife bread.
With boiled apricot jam stick 3 cakes disc together, brush jam around the sides.
Then fill any holes with marzipan or sugar icing (colour orange or green or white), repeat to make 2 large cylinders, brush jam on the 2 remaining discs.
Roll 5 mm thick marzipan on and cut 8 (7 cm) circles, press one on each cylinder, press firmly to level, cut rolled marzipan to fit and cover each cylinder, rolling to smooth.
Leave dry until next day.
Cut and remove 5 cm hole in the marzipan on one end of each of the large cylinder and insert little starts and balls of many colours or ivys of sugar icing and cover the top.
Brush the marzipan with boiled water and wrap around the cylinder with this decor, leave dry.
Decor with green leaves holly of sugar paste, cherries red, ribbons gold to both sides and leave the centre open.

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