Christmas Pudding to hang


Felt white, red, brown, green
2 red pom pom or gems
15 cm brown cord or ribbon
polyester toy stuffing or cotton

Trace and cut out templates of Christmas pudding and trace each on to the correct colour felt.
Cut 2 large pudding circles from brown felt, 16 small circles from the red felt, 2 sauce shapes (including 1 reversed) from white felt and 2 leaves from green felt.
Attach the white semi circles to the brown stitches (using cream thread).
Attach 8 small red circles to the brown felt with small neat stitches, using red thread.
Make a line of running stitch down the centre of each holly leaf, using brown thread.
Attach holly leaves to the top of the pudding Christmas with the tips overlapping.
Add the red pompoms.
Place both sides of the pudding together and stitch all the way round in brown and white thread, leaving a gap at the top.
Fill the pudding with stuffing (do not overfill).
Use a rounded end of a pencil to push the stuffing.
Stitch the gap closed, adding the hanging loop of waxed cord or ribbon.

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