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What do you can do with Ribbons?

Crafts ideas to you 🌸

“Wall Hanging”

striped ribbons
coloured postcards of photos
glue PVA

Fold over a lenght of ribbon at one end and glue in place for a hanhing loop.
Make a ribbon bow and glue it to the base of the hanging loop.
Glue on the right side of the ribbon and position cards or photos at even intervals.
Hang the finished piece on a wall.

“Pictures Frames”

Striped ribbons assorted
Pictures frames
Beads and Sequins assorted
glue PVA

Glue lengths of ribbon to the picture frame.
Add a hanging loop made of ribbon to the back of the frame at the centre top.
For a extra decoration glue beads, sequins to the ribbon frame.


Striped fabrics assorted
Fabric plain
Matching sewing thread
Cushion pad

Cut the fabric to twice (size of the cushion plus about 20cm overlap).
Fold one short edge to the wrong side and stitch in place.
With the wrong side of the fabric facing, fold the cushion shape with the overlap at one end (like a pillow), making sure that the stitched edge will end up on the outside.
Stitch down both sides of the cushion then return right side out and insert cushion pad.

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