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7 Cards ideas to you 🎨

I share easy and creative Diy ideas x


Thin coloured card
tracing paper
soft pencil
scissor and small sharp
clear and coloured cellophane
glue stick
double-sided tape

cut out a greeting card from coloured card and fold it in half.
Trace the design of the pattern, cut out the design carefully using a pair of small sharp scissor.
Cut out a piece of clear cellophane 18 x 23cm, cut out small pieces of coloured cellophane, then glue onto the clear cellophane to build up a collage.
Decide on the best position for your cellophane collage by placing it under the cut out design and holding it up to the light.
Stick in place using a double-sided tape.
Trim off any excess cellophane.


Thin white and black card and coloured card
tracing paper
dark and light coloured pencil
pencil marks
glossy magazine paper
glue PVA
pattern: silhouete of cat

Make up two greetings card from the thin colured card.
Trace the silhouete of the cat (pattern) above onto a piece of thin white card, cut it out to make a template, then place it in the centre of a piece of black card 12 x 10cm.
Drawn around the template with light coloured pencil then carefully cut out the shape. Rub out any pencil marks and keep both the positive and negative images.
Cut out a piece of thin white card 20 x 13cm.
Build up a collage on the card by sticking down small pieces torn from a glossy magazine.
Carefully position the two black shapes onto the collage and then stick them down using glue PVA.
Cut the collage in half and trim the edges neatly.
Position your designs onto the greeting cards and then glue them down.


Thin cream card
dried flowers and grasses (from florist)
double-sided tape
large and small glasses

Attach a 6cm strip of double-sided tape to the front of the card.
Use a small and large inverted glass to mark and inner and outer circle on a piece of card.
Cut the strape out.
Position eight small pieces of double-sided tape at equal distances around the circle.
Wind a short lenght of raffia around the circle and on to two opposite pieces of tape.
Wind four pieces of raffia in total. When complete, snip all the ends.
Weave flowers and dried grasses through the raffia.
Attach the woven circle to the double-sided tape on the cream card


Tracing paper
white card
soft pencil
glue stick
thin blue card
silver wrapping paper or foil
pattern: star (large and small)

Trace 2 stars onto the white card.
Cut out the shapes to produce templates.
Place the large star template on silver wrapping paper and the small star on thin blue card.
Draw around the stars and then cut out the shapes, glue the silver star onto the front of the greeting white card.
Overlap the blue star, then glue it in place.
Decorate the card by dabbing on glue and applying glitter and sequins.
When the glue is dry, shake the card to remove excess of glitter.


Thin red
white card
fallen leaves assortited and differents sizes
white paper
glue PVA
glue brush

Is best to use the fallen leaves as soon possible after collecting them you should not dry or press the leaves.
Cut out a greetings card from the red card and fold in half, measure then cut out a rectangle of white card 1cm, smaller all around than the front of the folded red card.
Cut out a piece of white paper roughly the same size of white card. Arrange a selection of leaves on the white paper, when you are happy with the design, dab each leaf with glue and
transfer them onto the white card.
Glue the white card onto the front of the red card, ensuring that the borders is even all around.
Carefully brush each leaf with glue PVA, taking care not get glue on the card itself.


Tracing paper
thin white card
white paper
coloured felt-tip pens
small and large glass
coloured paper
thin coloured card
glue stick

Cut out a greeting card from the coloured card and fold it in half.
Trace the squares and round shapes onto a piece of thin whitecard.
Cut out the shapes to produce templates.
place the squares template on white paper and drawn around it with coloured felt-tip pens.
Continue moving the templates each time.
Repeat using the round template.
Colour your design with coloured fel-tip pens.
Use a small glass to select the best area of your design.
Draw around the glass with a fel-tip pens and cut out the shape.
Place a large glass on coloured paper, draw around it and cut out the shapes.
Glue your designs onto the coloured paper circle then glue this on the front of your greeting card.


Thin blue card
kitchen knife
coloures paints
red sugar paper
soft pencil
coloured paper card
glue stick

Cut out the greetings card from the blue card and fold in half.
Cut a potato in half (use a knife), to score simple shapes into the centre of one of the halves.
Now cut away the outside surrounding area to a depth of 0,5cm.
Gently dab a sponge with paint and them apply to your potato.
Use the potato to print onto the sugar paper and gradually build up a design.
You can clean the sponge and then add different colours.
When the paint is dry select the best area of your design, cut out a sharpe of your choice.
Glue your shape to the front of the card.
stick sequins onto the design and around the border.

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